We’re on a mission to get Canadians Homebound.

At Homebound, we’re building the marketplace that connects working Canadians with the resources and capital they need to invest in real estate.

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Real estate investing made possible

If you think about the way the housing market has grown today, saving up for a 20% down-payment alone isn’t a model that works anymore. The only other option in the past was asking your family and friends to help you out, but we believe only a few people have that kind of luxury and capital.

So our goal at Homebound is to offer a stable growth portfolio of real estate investment properties that any working Canadian can invest in with other eligible investors. Our team will manage the rentals to help you earn additional passive income, but at a price that’s finally possible.

Our Home Is Canada

We're located in Toronto, and growing.

We started Homebound in 2017, with a mission to empower working Canadians to unite around real estate investing and together make their dreams of owning property a reality. With the help of our Homebound community, we’re redefining home ownership—shifting it from being a privilege to a right.

We believe it’s our Canadian roots in diversity that make us uniquely capable of accomplishing this. So we’ve assembled a team of tech entrepreneurs and wealth management professionals to get you Homebound. And just like how Kickstarter changed the way communities support dream projects, Homebound is crowdfunded real estate investing to help Canadians, invest in a home.

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Career Opportunities

We love working with creative hustlers to solve real problems. We're looking for talented people who want to make a positive impact to a bigger economic problem in Canada.

Lead Software Developer
Toronto, ON
Property Underwriter
Toronto, ON
Customer Success Manager
Toronto, ON
Social Media Manager
Toronto, ON
SEO Specialist
Toronto, ON

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