Because everyone deserves to invest in a home.

Homebound creates opportunities to get into the real estate investment market, making it simple, affordable, and completely transparent.

It simplifies real estate investing

Homebound does all of the property research and management, providing only high growth properties.

“The best thing about Homebound is that all of the heavy work and analysis is done for you. It’s something that I always pushed to the side, so I’m happy the service does it all!”

Carolyn Chen, Founder at

It helps everyone find the right people and capital they need

You don’t need a rich uncle to help you invest. Homebound uses a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm to bring together working professionals with similar investment goals and risk tolerances.

“Homebound is not only good at finding qualified investors, it’s great at matching people with similar goals and interests.”

Herbert Lui, Creative Director at Wondershuttle

It diversifies your investment portfolio

Homebound gives you the opportunity to own shares of rental properties. It’s something you can easily understand and physically see.

“The fact that Homebound exists and decreases my portfolios risk has given me a huge feeling of accomplishment knowing that I’m one step closer to buying my own home.”

Aprile Bansil, UX Designer at Mi9 Retail

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